ONCE IN A WHILE, Mother Nature adds a touch of whimsy in the evolution of a species. While the result may resemble its parentage, the mind and spirit form a whole other branch in the tree of life.
The Spy Child is one of those suckers, stemming from a wayward root, winding herself tightly around the hearts of all who stumble upon her.

Many resources will tell you all about what a normal Rottweiler is and where they came from. Other books teach you how to train a dog for obedience and agility rings according to well-established plans.

Rather it's a behind the scenes look at these venues, and what can happen if a little Rottweiler puppy with a wicked sense of humor,
an energy level that's off the charts,
the intelligence of an eight-year-old child,
and the curiosity of a cat comes along.

These are stories of just such a pup, told as truthfully as one dares to admit.
Spy's endless sense of humor and her "brilliant at the time" ideas-combined with her altogether-too-cute angelic face and innocent expressions-gain forgiveness after every incident.
She leaves people in her wake smiling, or at least feeling as if they should, while they brace for her next escapade.

"Spy Child is the devil-may-care, glass-half-full (before she dives into it) dog that some of my own were (well, almost). I had all the fun of reading about it, laughing, and enjoying the illustrations, without the angst, embarrassment and having to clean up the mess!"
CHRIS WALKOWICZ Dog Writers Association of America President Emeritus and AKC Judge

Never underestimate the mind of a brilliant, highly-enterprising Rottweiler.

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