"Sue, Too Much Dog is the most delightful book ever written about a real live dog. You have mastered the art of painting such a vivid picture of Spy that she leaps right out of the pages and into our hearts. Having had the honor of meeting Spy, makes each story that much more endearing to me.
You are sharing more positive light on our breed with this one book than the rest of us together in all of our legislative endeavors.
I also want to thank you again for allowing me to share last year with a dear friend who was fatally ill. She always looked forward to more Spy stories, even before your book was published it brought joy untold."
jan cooper

"Sue, Thank you for writing Too Much Dog and sharing your hilarious stories about the fun you have been having with The Spy Child. I especially enjoyed the stories about taking Spy to agility demonstration events and how Spy manages to steal the show spotlight every time. Tonight I read the "Pup Tent" chapter to my girls as a bedtime story and they giggled at Spy's antics. I look forward to reading the sequel that must follow as clearly Spy has more fun in store for you. What will Spy think of next?"
Warm regards, Rob

"Been reading it already, yesterday and today. TOO FUNNY, Sue! ...Er, SPY, I mean. Spy, you keep Momma on her toes, girl. Enjoy the success! :) "

"I knew you'd write a book!! I'm so happy for you! I've loved the Spy Child missives from day ONE….and am ordering a book now – please ask the Spy Child to autograph it and please autograph it yourself! I can't wait to get it! "
Fondly, Carole

"I just ordered two of the Spy Child books. I will keep one for me and the other is a birthday gift for my little niece who loved the CARL books when she was little. She will love this one now as she will be 7 in July and she, like her mother, is a book worm!
I can't wait to read it since I have heard a few of her stories over the years and the fact that I know the author and the star of the book personally! I applaud your accomplishment on creating the perfect "Memory Book" of the Spy Child! Her personality captured me from the day I met her in Florida at the 2002 Nationals. She stole my heart on that trip and I can't wait to read the many stories of her life as told by her loving, and super fun, Mom! I visited the web site for quick preview and the Ant story had me rolling! Can't wait to see how that one turned out! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations! "

"Got my books this morning and haven't been able to put it down. Don't know what is funnier, the pup tent or the ant. ROFLMAOPIMP!!!!! Hoping your sales go through the roof. "

"I'd like to say that we got Sue's book the other day, both of us read it cover to cover by the end of the day and it's just hilarious!! I hope there is a yearly sequel Like Sue says, "You can't make this stuff up!" The dogs had to be satisfied with Mom reading aloud in sporadic fits of giggles. "
Carole and Bill

"My book came today. Oh my god how funny! You're CAN'T make that stuff up! I have a long-suffering Rottie boy who puts up with SO much from the horribles (2 rescues of indeterminate breeds). Your Otis reminds me of my Boomer. Definitely gonna get more books...great gifts. "
Gini in Tucson
P.S. LOVE the drawings AND pics!

"HI Sue, received your wonderful book and can't put it down...I feel as thought I am a witness to the stories as they are being told. You are a fabulous writer. Thank you so much for sharing Spy Stories with us. "

"I just finished reading my copy of the book! When is the second edition coming out??? I KNOW that we've heard many more stories than are published in the book!!! ;)
I loved reading it - you did a great job!!! "

"I'm sorry to say I haven't had a chance to really delve into the book yet, but a friend of mine who does agility with her Miniature Schauzer looked at it a bit over lunch on Friday and was rolling with laughter. She especially enjoyed the picture of the leash/weave poles. Said she'd been there, done that, and wondered why she thought it was a good idea. She said the book was hilarious, so I think that is a great sign! I can't wait until I get a chance to read all of it. "

"Sue, Loved your book! I sent one to a puppy owner of mine who thinks her boy invented the words 'getting into trouble.' She called me the other day after reading the book to double check that I had told her that Spy was a real dog! She couldn't imagine another Rottie getting into more comical situations than her boy. I'm back at your site to order a few more books. One for every puppy owner, one to donate to our training club, etc.
Thanks for putting in writing all the story's you have told us about Spy over the years so that everyone can enjoy your misery Hope you finish that MACH3 real soon. "

"I loved reading about the adventures of Spy Child! I laughed out loud and wished it was longer. Thank you for such an enjoyable read. "

"My only complaint about the book is that it was too short. I nearly embarrassed myself having hysterics on the bus while I was reading it.

I've only had one Rottweiler. She's always been much crazier than the Berners. Your story about the Spy Child hanging off of your older dog's lips reminded me of when she was a puppy. My poor patient Bernese "Dickens" would come & find me so that I could extract his tail from that Rottie's mouth. She thought that he was the best moving tug toy ever. Do Rottweilers have tail envy? "
Seattle, WA

"Every so often a new writer ventures upon the dog scene with a fresh viewpoint of the canine world.

Sue Waite is one of these.

Loaded with the talent of an accomplished trainer and handler, Waite does an about face when it comes to her initial opus by bringing an anecdotal "chapter by chapter" story of her life with an exceptionally precocious pup.

Every Rottweiler owner and handler should have this book on their "must read" list.

Waite is entertaining, informative, and a joy for any dog lover to read, regardless of their breed of choice.

If you don't own a Rottweiler, as I don't, you will also walk away with a new and pleasant insight into the breed and the people like Waite who own them. And the rest of the dog fancy will certainly be glad she does."
John Fox
American Field and AKC Field Judge "


I loved your book and have always loved the few Spy stories that were shared with me. Having just entered into the sport of agility with my Rottweiler, Sasha and I being middle aged...
I laughed hysterically thru your stories. I have had Rottweilers for years and the pup stories brought back such memories, Spy's antics brought tears of laughter and out loud hoots and chuckles, but the tunnel sucker story with the flexi was my undoing. The visuals were beyond the best. I bought 5 books, one each for my children and myself and one for a friend.
Thank You and we await the next installment!

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